Product Enhancement Services

Product Enhancement Services

With steady changes in technology comes the need for businesses to continue integrating services that enhance their organization’s software products and operations. This product innovation needs to ensure that the organization functions at the highest level possible.
The transformation of business is an ongoing process. Such transitions are not just for the sake of staying ahead of potential customers but also to add value to the software products of the company. We, at 7Hills Software, agree to the above and so integrate services that are tailored to enhance, modify, and update them to stay in line with ongoing technological changes.
7Hills Software excels in providing post-production enhancement services followed by software support. Our expert’s work in collaboration with experts to revamp your existing software products into something that is far more contemporary and feature-packed. We perform extensive research on the current market trends followed by intensive study on your existing products and then draft methods to add new features and functions to your overall system.

Road to Software Product Enhancement

Study The Existing Architecture

Before suggesting measures to transform or migrate existing software products to one that is secured and digitally driven, we have a team of technocrats that undertake the task to scrutinize the entire software product and find technical gaps or areas that need to be modified.

Analyze Different Possible Solutions

After examining the software product, our team then scans through the possible technological solutions to find the one that would best suit your product category. We analyze all possible models, keeping in mind the needs and expectations of our clients.

Draft An Approach To Implement Product Enhancement Services

After finding the technological voids and corresponding solutions, we then plan on ways by which all the possible solutions could be implemented. Product enhancement is a complex process, and so we need to devise an action plan before implementing the solution.

Embed and Integrate the Final Product

Once we have designed the enhancement services, we can then engineer the product according to the client’s approval and then integrate it in the best way possible for the client.

Testing & Maintenance

Once the product is live in the business environment, technical experts perform testing to assure that there are no bugs and the upgraded software works as expected.

Our range of Product Enhancement Services extend to

Addition of functions or new features so as to alter the positioning of the product or to enhance the value of the final product
Surfacing existing products over devices or technical system
Enabling the integration of the web with current software products
Support added to the software, hardware, or any other specified platform.
Our team focuses on the high-level requirements of technology migration and product enhancement services while helping you to uncover the true potential of software products. Whether your product fails to grab user attention or cannot stand by the expectations of the current day user, perhaps it’s time to redesign and revamp your software products.
We build solutions that not only improvise your business operations but also help you and your business attain a competitive edge in the ever-growing market.