Grow your business with the collaboration of operations with technology.


7Hills Software holds tremendous expertise in technology migration services while figuring out ways to improve and enhance existing business operations.
For organizations who wish to mitigate their legacy technology stack to one that is driven by technology, we bring tools and insights which help us embed newer technology stack in the existing ones.
Our experts help migrate to a different platform in the least possible time frame and further reducing any +++++possible overhead in terms of cost.
Firms, irrespective of the work culture needs to adhere to the market standards and inculcate technologies that map with the customer’s requirements. Products of the organization should be transformed over time considering the fact that technology matures faster than business, which means that business operations across all business radicals should be upgraded in terms of the technology being used and implemented.
Enhancement of products and services of the organization includes altering the platform on which the software runs. And hence, it is not a one day task. It involves enormous transformations with each layer being te engineered and reinstated to build scalable solutions.
And we at 7Hills software rightfully embed resources that help transmute from one platform to another in a systematic way.

Methods Used

Experts at 7Hills software undertake a scientific approach to aid the migration of technology and hold significant expertise in mitigating technology stack from the legacy software to new ones. Following the policy of structured transformation, we understand the philosophy behind technology transformation and work to meet the

Re-engineering requirements


Selection of Technology







Re-engineering Requirements

Our team outreaches customers to have one to one conversation on their existing infrastructure have a run through and look out for technical gaps in the same. Before starting on the process of technology migration, they help draft the “why” behind the need to upgrade.
Upgrade the existing stack to a newer one
Redesign and redevelop software solutions to mitigate to a different platform.

Technology Selection

Once the different loopholes and voids have been identified in the existing infrastructure, next the team moves ahead to find the technology capable of filling those gaps. True that re- engineering needs shifting from one platform to another, but this is not random or vague. Instead, it has to be carefully planned and strategically applied. Hence, considerable time is spent on determining the technologies that can better the operations of the clients’ business, asses the good and bad. Evaluation is a crucial phase in technology selection, and each choice of technology must have considerable use cases promoting its call. Cloud deployment is common and one of the most popular forms of tech migration.


It’s always easy to say than to physically execute. Re-engineering, at times, necessitate building products from scratch, and so, the development team needs to be cautious about the reason behind redesigning the same. While migrating one stack to another, the team takes care of the needs and likewise the use cases that voice benefits of its implementation. Our team ranks satisfaction over the importance, and so, only the technologies that lead to better customer experience is acknowledged for implementation.


The entire transition phase is first documented and then executed. This helps the organization have a clear image of why is the transformation being done and how. The documentation is updated whenever a change is made in the system.


Technology migration is not only meant to optimize operations but also cost. And so, each step undertaken to upgrade and enhance the technology adheres to the need for cutting down unwanted cost and reduce overall debts.