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Cloud Data Migration Services

Cloud Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services To Any Cloud

Data migration to Azure

We are here to accelerate your digital transformation with Microsoft azure. 7 Hills provide reliable, cost effective solutions for your cloud data migration to azure. Here are core services we offer for Microsoft Azure cloud data migration.
-Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft DW Technologies
-Azure SQL DW Performance Tuning
-Microsoft Azure Infrastructure
-Microsoft Azure Security
-Microsoft Informatica Azure Data Warehouse Migration

Data migration to AWS

Data migration to AWS

Leverage our expertise of AWS cloud data migration. Move your workloads to AWS and experience seamless process of cloud data migration with us.
Here are core services we offer for AWS cloud data migration.
-Data management optimization for AWS
-AWS Database migration service support
-AWS Security
-AWS infrastructure

Data migration to Google Cloud

Use our hand-on expertise of cloud data migration to google cloud which supercharge your critical business data infrastructure and application.
Here are core services we offer for Google cloud data migration.
-GCP Consulting services
-Google cloud automation
-Google Cloud Infrastructure consultancy
-Cloud analytics for unstructured data
-Enterprise application in google cloud
-Cloud native storage for cloud native application
-Google cloud security consulting

Data migration to Google Cloud

End-to-End Data Migration Services

7hills offers a wide variety of services with cloud data migration and partner tools that help you to migrate your data sets whether they are files, databases, machine images and block volumes.
Adhering to the needs of scalability and reliability while migrating your existing database to Azure Based Cloud Database, we cater to all the aspects that deal with database management and likewise, migration. The process of data migration extends to:

Analysis Of Data


Designing Of Data


Data Development


Database Installation


Database Maintenance


Azure Data Migration Services





    SQL DatabaseMigration Process

    Whether you want to migrate one of your legacy database system to a newly formed digital database, or from the existing database to azure based cloud integration, 7Hills Software follows an intuitive process to help yours with SQL Database Migration.

    Our range of SQL Database Migration process includes:


    Assessment and Planning
    Analyzing Gaps between the technologies



    Feasibility overview
    Have an understanding of the existing system



    Study and Implement new technologies
    System testing



    Database testing
    Deployment & Maintenance


    How 7Hills works?

    How 7Hills works
    How 7Hills works?

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